Terms & Conditions

Personal Information

Bishanpur Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd is the licensed owner of the brand VillFood and www.villfood.in, online business Site.  Bishanpur Natural Foods Pvt. Ltd. will further mentioned here as BPNF.  We respect your privacy and will take every effort to protect that. This Privacy Policy provides succinctly the manner your data is collected and used by BPNF on the Site. As a visitor to the Site/ Customer you are advised to please read the Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing the services provided by the Site you agree to the collection and use of your data by BPNF in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy.


What information is, or may be, collected form you?

As part of the registration process on the Site, BPNF may collect the following personally identifiable information about you: Name including first and last name, alternate email address, mobile phone number and contact details, Postal code, Demographic profile (like your age, gender, occupation, education, address etc.) and information about the pages on the site you visit/access, the links you click on the site, the number of times you access the page and any such browsing information.


Any individual eligible to make a transaction according to prevalent laws of India can enter into business contract with BPNF, provided both the party agrees to it. Any individual below of the age of 18 years but above the age of 13 years will require parental guidance to enter into business transaction with us.

Area of Business Operation

BPNF reserves the right to notify new area of business operation or de-notify the earlier notified areas. Users are advised to confirm the area of operation with BPNF before agreeing for any business contract.

Account and Registration Obligation   

To make online business transaction with BPNF, you are advised to open an account and complete the registration process.  By agreeing to terms and conditions, shopper agrees to receive promotional communication and newsletters from BPNF.

Site Access

By the virtue of either being a guest or registered member, BPNF grants you limited access of browsing the product and relevant details, but not to download any data unless approved by BPNF, use the approved data otherwise than approved intent and make any changes in the website.


All the products listed on www.villfood.in will be sold at the selling price mentioned against the listed product.

Order Value and Delivery Charges

Delivery charge of Rs.50/- will be applicable on the order having product weight <=1000 gms & Rs.100/- ifproduct weight is between 1001 to 2000 gms.

Further, In the case of wrong address mentioned for delivery, BPNF shall claim delivery charges for the redelivery, irrespective to the order size.  

Shipping Time

Tentative Shipping time as per the location would be 6-10 working days


Order Cancellation by Site/Customer

You as a customer can cancel the order at any point of time before “delivery and acceptance” of the product.  But product once accepted and opened can’t be returned back. If the item received is not matching with item ordered, then return request can be logged with the website within 24 hours of the order received and will be returned to BPNF in the same condition product has been delivered. Any damage to the packet with regard to packet itself or scratching or damage of details printed on the packet will make BPNF not to accept the same.    

BPNF also reserves the right to cancel the order if it discovers that orders have been placed in contravention of terms and agreement of BPNF. Though, items will be on display on the website with proper inventory back up, but in case of any sudden stock out scenario, customer will duly be informed about the cancellation of order.


After receiving the product back, we will immediately issue the credit note, which can be used by the customer for making further purchases with us. Customer can also get the refund of their money to their bank account. In this case, we will be liable for issuing the bank transfer order from our side and our bank will take the matter further from there.

Order Confirmation

Once the order is confirmed, BPNF will issue a statement to you, which will reach by email with the details of Product Name, Price, Total Value, Taxation Details and tentative Delivery date. A Confirmation SMS will also be sent to you detailing product name, value and tentative delivery date.

Once the order will be picked by Courier Company, we will inform you the courier details, which will help you to separately track the delivery schedule.

You will not use the site for following purpose

We value our customers as our utmost priority and will attend any grievance with utmost priority and sincerity. But act of using profanity, harmful words, and words meant to harass, vulgar words, bullying and posting objectionable content will not be accepted and will be reported to concerned authority.

Grievance Redressal   

All legal matters shall fall into the jurisdiction of Tis Hazari court, Delhi and all arbitration and conciliation will be subject to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1946 and as amended from time to time.

Reviews, Feedback and Submission 

All reviews, feedback and submission on www.villfood.in will be the property of BPNF. BPNF does not visit the Reviews, Feedback, Comments and Submission and is not liable to respond to each one of it. But BPNF reserves the right to modify, edit or remove the content which is harmful, threatening, profanity, objectionable etc. in nature. If any such comment is made and details of any such comment is sought by any authority appointed by Government of India, any State Government or Court of the land, then BPNF will be bound to provide the same to them.