Our traditional and local foods are simple and basic but nutrient dense. One of “Bihar’s” local and
traditional food is Chana Sattu (Roasted and Ground Bengal Gram) which was previously known as
“Poor Man’s” protein but of late it has found its real place on our plate and is now considered as
Global Superfood. Dry roasting of Bengal Gram keeps its natural nutritional value intact and it can be
stored for longer period of time naturally. Sattu is packed with protein and complex carbohydrates
and it contains micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, insoluble fibre,
low on sodium and above all its Gluten free.


  • Sattu provides us instant energy, I have seen in my village workers and farmers prefer Sattu
    as one of their meal which keeps them full for longer time and keeps them energetic to work
    whole day.
  • The combination of calcium and magnesium makes it excellent for bone health and helps in
    prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
  • As it is excellent source of fibres it keeps our gut in good health by preventing constipation
    and cleanses out colon.
  • It helps women by providing energy and substituting nutrients to the body during
    mensuration. Its beneficial for pregnant and nourishing mothers.
  • As it is Gluten free, it helps people who are Gluten intolerant and also aids in weight loss.
  • Sattu builds the strength and muscle mass rapidly which is helpful for elderly and sick people
    to recover from their illness.
  • Ayurveda mentions that the use of Sattu on regular basis prevents forming unwanted gas in
    our stomach. It also helps in maintaining and strengthening children’s eye sight.
  • It’s a natural cooler in summers and prevents our body from sunstrokes.
  • Its low in Glycemic index, this natural helps people with Diabetes and regulates our blood
    sugar and blood pressure.

It is also good for hair and skin. Sattu helps in hydrating the body in summers and as a result,
you shine with glowing skin. Since it is rich in iron content it increases the oxygen flow to the
hair roots.

Sattu drink is good substitute of high calorie sugary drinks for childrens. We all know that children
these days are more attracted to the high calorie sugary drink, that they assume Sattu to be less
flashy and colourful than these drinks. As a parent, it is our duty and moral responsibility to start
educating our kids about the nutritional benefits of Sattu and inculcate a habit of drinking/eating
Sattu in them. We should try to experiment with different natural flavours which your kids love.
Last but not the least we should start adopting our local and ancestral food “Sattu”. After all food is
one of the greatest joy of our life and optimizing our health means identifying foods which our body
accepts easily! Eat Natural, Live Healthy!

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