All the trappings of modern lifestyle has taken one thing from us; our time for ourselves. We are always in the rush to reach one place or another, barely taking time to breathe. In order to reach somewhere, we have moved as far away from the nature as possible. And look what it has done to us; it has not only taken us away from nature but has taken away our physical and mental health.

Having lived a life with these trappings around, we have realized that answer of healthy life is to slow down, look back and find what we lost in the rush of reaching somewhere. Retracing healthy footprints are always good. Our older generations lived life closer to nature. There were no mechanized machines to grind the food; so, most of the nutrients were retained in the food for our consumption. We are making a genuine effort to dig deep, research and find out the natural food for you. We are reclaiming our past with pride, we are reclaiming our health back and we reclaiming our life and the battle starts with food.

Words become command, command becomes commitment and commitment sets the direction; and our commitment is to take our food habit closer to nature.

Our Mission

Our mission is to retain and provide as much nutrition in the food offered by nature as possible. Our country had healthy food habit and soul connect with nature and we are committed to bring it back in our life.

Total public health expenditure in India in 2017 was Rs. 1.81 Trillion which doesn’t include the productivity loss due to bad health. We want to make our contribution is saving the country from this humongous expenditure by providing health and nutritional food. 


Healthy India is our vision and we aspire to keep providing natural and healthy food to our customers our ancestors used to eat. For us, healthy India is our vision and mission.